We provide provide wide range of services in Geospatial Field with a focus majorly on Business Procurement Services for large enterprises and SME's.

How we can help you?

We at Spatial Sweven aspire to provide the BEST to our clients. We believe that the World of Geospatial Business is growing immensely in all diversified sectors and together WE can achieve more in this world full of opportunities.

Business Procurement

We provide Geospatial Business Procurement Services while bridging the gap between projects and potential vendors.


We provide practical based training workshops in the field of GIS (Geographical Information System) for Educational Institutions, Corporate Employees etc.

Digital Marketing

We provide Digital Marketing Services specifically for Geospatial Service Providers which now a days is a key market changer.


We keep an updated profile on our website for freelancers to show up their work profile summary and help them to grow and expand Freelancing in Geospatial Business .​

Geospatial Awareness

Our motive is to increase the awareness about Geospatial field among each level of society and making them understand that how this technology is useful in every sector.​

Help & Support

Our team is ready to solve any issues coming across respective services being offered by us.

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